Mrs S Deery (Head of Key Stage 3)
Mrs E McCaffrey (Head of Year 8)

Form Tutors

Form Tutor 8A - Mrs M Higgins
Form Tutor 8B - Mrs C Coyle
Form Tutor 8C - Mrs A Mooney
Form Tutor 8D - Ms A McKeever
Form Tutor 8E - Mr S Molloy

Form Tutor 9A - Mrs G McCloskey
Form Tutor 9B - Mr J Kerr
Form Tutor 9C -  Mr D Begley
Form Tutor 9D - Mrs B Gormley
Form Tutor 9E - Ms N Farrell

Form Tutor for 10A - Mr M Bradley
Form Tutor for 10B - Mrs D Carlisle
Form Tutor for 10C - Mrs L Workman
Form Tutor for 10D - Mr L Arkinson
Form Tutor for 10E - Ms A Hamilton                                                                                                                                                      

Pastoral Programme

The Pastoral Programme at Key Stage 3 aims to develop the whole student academically, personally and spiritually. It seeks to build relationships between home, school and parishes and permeates every aspect of school life. The well-being and personal development of each individual is at the core of the KS3 Pastoral Programme. Form tutors deliver the programme during one allocated Pastoral lesson each week. Students also have the opportunity to lead Assembly throughout the year and participate in many charity events. External agencies such as Divert, Bogside and Brandywell Health Forum, NSPCC, ASPIRE NI and PSNI also facilitate workshops throughout the year on themes such as Bullying, Internet Safety, Study Skills and Alcohol/Drugs Awareness. Some of the themes studied in the KS3 Pastoral Programme include: Managing Change; Safety & Managing Risk; Feelings & Emotions; Friendship & Bullying; Health and the Whole Person; Relationship and Sex Education; Morals, Values and Beliefs and Target Setting.

Key Stage 3 Reward System

The purpose of the KS3 Reward System is to recognise and reward the good work of our students and their contribution to the life of the College. This reward system begins in Year 8 and runs throughout Key Stage 3. A student can earn up to 5 points per week (one per day) for good behaviour, doing homework, coming prepared for class and being on time. Students can gain bonus points for excellent attendance, attending extra-curricular activities and fundraising efforts. Students are also given an opportunity to show leadership when they are appointed to the positions of Form Captain and Vice-Captain, as well as being elected onto the Student Council to represent their class. 

Certificates of Recognition are awarded at five intervals in the academic year to students who display qualities that we value as a school.  Certificates are awarded for qualities including courtesy, care for others, kindness, diligence, reliability, cooperation, teamwork, leadership and responsibility. There are additional awards for class of the term, and Gold Certificates given at Prize Giving.

Curricular Provision/Subjects Available:

Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
Art Art Art
Music Music Music
Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education
English English English
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
Religion Religion Religion
Science Science Biology
Home Economics Home Economics Home Economics
History History History
Geography Geography Geography
Languages* Languages* Languages*
Mandarin Drama  
Technology and Design Technology and Design Technology and Design

*2 of French, Spanish or Irish


Students are encouraged to become actively involved in at least one of the extensive range of extra-curricular activities on offer each day at 3.30pm. In addition, many avail of the opportunity to develop personal qualities, interests and talents and gain valuable experience by helping with the organisation of activities as they progress through the school.