Our Cafeteria Manager and staff provide a wide range of healthy food options. The Eatwell Plate is core to all meals available. The ‘Vending’ option is also available in the canteen, the staff room and the sixth form centre. Food choices are healthy and include sandwiches, fruit, milk and yogurt choices. Vending encourages healthier eating habits; increases the variety of food and drinks available; offers a ‘grab and go’ opportunity to busy pupils and staff; and reduces queues at break and lunch-time. Students are also free to bring in a packed lunch. A daily Break is available from 11.25am- 11.40am, with a split lunch break at either 12.45-1.20pm or 1.20- 1.55pm, ensuring all pupils have sufficient time to enjoy their food. The canteen and sixth form centre provide a suitable ‘dining experience’ for all pupils. Pupils’ surroundings can have an impact on their sense of wellbeing, and in terms of changing the culture, ethos and understanding of healthy eating, nutritional advice is on display.

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