The aim of the Drama curriculum at Key Stage 3 is to develop pupils’ confidence and ability to use drama strategies in a positive and creative manner.  The study of drama allows students to explore, develop and express ideas and concepts, within and beyond the classroom environment.  Above all else, we want to foster a sense of enjoyment; to quote the playwright and theatre practitioner, Bertolt Brecht, the theatre “needs no other passport than fun.”

Key Stage 3

At Lumen Christi College, Drama is delivered at Key Stage 3 through a range of subjects and activities.  Drama is delivered as a discrete subject in Year 9 and through cross-curricular activities in Years 8 and 10.

At Key Stage 3, pupils use a range of strategies such as tableau, mime, thought tracking, improvisation, script writing and scripted performance.  These strategies develop each individual’s creativity and extend their learning through practical and active experiences in the classroom.

In Drama, pupils have opportunities to develop their social and performance skills, as well as Whole Curriculum Skills and Capabilities.  It allows pupils to explore, develop and express ideas and concepts.  This helps them to engage with their emotions and intellect, expressing their thoughts and feelings through voice and movement in an imagined context.


The Drama Club helps foster a love of acting; the focus of this club is to encourage the pupils to have fun with their peers and to help develop their confidence.  

Pupils are encouraged to participate in the annual Derry Féis.

The School Shows are a celebration of the acting and musical talent of our students and the Drama Department enjoy being an important part of these productions.