LLW has an important role to play within the context of the Northern Ireland curriculum in helping all pupils prepare for life and work:

  1. As individuals
  2. As contributors to society
  3. As contributors to the economy and the environment

The main aim of the LLW department in Lumen Christi College is to provide opportunities for pupils to develop skills, knowledge, understanding, attitudes and values that will help them:

  • Prepare for adult life, independent living and working;
  • Meet the challenges and opportunities of contemporary society; and
  • Make informed decisions and take responsible action throughout their lives.

Key Stage 3

The LLW department seeks to create a climate whereby pupils can use rational thought processes to arrive at decisions that take account of their and others’ needs.  Pupils will be exposed to positive learning experiences which will develop their critical thinking skills and help them to be fair-minded and active citizens.

The department aims to stimulate pupils’ interest within and beyond the classroom. This is a dynamic and flexible department which uses a wealth of resources and techniques to ensure effective teaching and learning takes place. There is a large emphasis placed on collaborative projects and working with outside agencies including; Young Enterprise, Stormont Education Outreach Programme and each year we celebrate Chinese New Year through a range of activities facilitated by the Confucius Project.

At KS3 pupils have discrete provision in the timetable for LLW classes. We focus on 3 strands within LLW; Citizenship, Employability and Personal Development.


LLW is delivered through the pastoral programme, assemblies and a series of ‘collapsed timetable’ days when the students attend seminars, presentations and workshops, both inside and outside the college, facilitated by college staff and external providers and specialists. Examples of these include North West Migrants Forum, REACH Across and Young Enterprise.

The Personal Development aspect of Learning for Life and Work is infused throughout the curriculum. Although much of it has been incorporated into a newly designed Key Stage 4 Pastoral Programme, other areas are covered in PE, RE, HE, and by workshops by outside agencies and organisations such as Aware.


Our pupils engage in a number of competitions, assemblies and charity drives as part of their LLW programme of study at KS3.  A focus of LLW is to develop links with the world around us. LLW pupils can see the important role that they have to play in society and they develop strategies to make a positive difference to the world around them. LLW students have, for example, engaged in Human Rights competitions to raise awareness of local and global issues and developed strong links with the numerous local charities to support families at Christmas time. We place a lot of emphasis on skills development from KS3 to KS5 and one such initiative pupils enjoy is our annual Dragon’s Den Entrepreneur event at Year 9 and the Digital Skills workshop at Year 11.