Mrs MT Meenan (Head of Year 11)                                                                                                                                                        Miss C Hughes (Head of Year 12)

Form Tutors

Form Tutor for 11A - Mrs B Gormley
Form Tutor for 11B - Mr D McCready
Form Tutor for 11C - Mr D Begley
Form Tutor for 11D - Ms P Fleming
Form Tutor for 11E - Miss S Lester
Form Tutor for 11F - Mr D McLaughlin

Form Tutor for 12A - Mrs K Butcher
Form Tutor for 12B - Mrs N Dobbins
Form Tutor for 12C - Mrs S McMenamin
Form Tutor for 12D - Mr B Donnelly
Form Tutor for 12E - Mr S Doherty
Form Tutor for 12F - Mr M McCullagh

Key Stage

Key Stage 4 symbolises a significant transition in the lives of our students. It brings both personal and academic challenges as they embark on their journey of discovery to adulthood. It is also a time of excitement, reward and great fulfilment. The Form Tutor remains the principle point of contact but the Head of Year is also happy to meet with students and parents at any time.

Curricular Provision

GCSE's involve a continuous, two-year programme in all subjects. The assessment process begins in Year 11, involving the completion of Controlled Assessment and Modular Exams in some subjects during the first year of study.

The Form Teachers and Year Head have the opportunity to meet with parents/carers of Year 11 students at the beginning of KS4, during the Year 11 Parent Information Evening.  This session provides parents with key information to help them assist their child in navigating the challenges of GCSE study.  It includes providing exam and assessment details for each subject, as well as tailored study skills advice and the criteria for entry into Sixth Year. 

Pastoral Programme 

The aims and objectives of the Pastoral Programme are grounded in the school's Pastoral Care Policy and reflect the Vision and Aims of the college. It strives for the maximum development of each student, intellectually, spiritually, academically and vocationally. The well-being and personal development of each individual student are of prime importance. Topics include: Healthy Living; Life - A ‘Risky Business'; Alcohol Awareness; Love for Life; Coping with Stress; Conflict Resolution; Study Skills; Careers Programme and Personal Hygiene. Students are regularly consulted with regard to content and format to ensure that it is relevant and appealing. The Programme is supported by presentations from external organisations.


Students are encouraged to become actively involved in at least one of the range of extra-curricular activities on offer each day at 3.30pm. In addition, many avail of the opportunity to develop personal qualities, interests and talents and gain valuable experience by helping with the organisation of events and activities.