Let's Talk

On Friday 15th November, five of the council members represented Lumen Christi at the yearly "Let's Talk" event hosted by the Peace and Reconciliation Group. The event was chaired by local journalist, Paul Mc Fadden, and pupils from all of the local post primary schools were in attendance. The council were given the opportunity to question local politicians on any topic of their choice. Our pupils questioned the panel on the lack of funding for Magee University and the plans for the A5 road improvement scheme. The council also got an opportunity to participate in the political "speed dating" event where they were able to put the politicians through their paces on a variety of topics. It was a great event and our student council were fantastic ambassadors for the school. Thanks to Tiarnan, Matthew, Katie, Blaise and Mark for representing the council and Oran and Fiachra who were there as representatives of the Peace and Reconciliation group. Francesca Deane was also in attendance as part of her Politics class.

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