Mr M Kerlin (Head of Deptartment)
Mrs M Higgins
Mr C Ryan
Dr M Gormley (Head of Sixth Form)
Mrs F Clarke
Mr A Quinn
Miss K Owens



Key Stage 3

Mathematics and Numeracy includes the contributory elements Mathematics and Financial Capability. Mathematics is fundamental to life, and it help us to calculate, estimate and problem-solve. It also informs many of the choices and decisions we make about real-life issues and challenges and the actions that we subsequently take. Through engagement with issues which have current and future relevance to young people, teachers help pupils to see the relevance of mathematics and financial capability to real life.
Pupils study Maths for six periods a week, and are assessed formally throughout the year. They sit exams in January and June, as well as completing Using Maths tasks in all three years. At the end of Year 10 the pupil's work will be assessed and each pupil will be assigned a Level of Progression in Using Maths, in line with the Using Maths statutory requirements.


All students study GCSE Maths, following the CCEA GCSE specification. At present modules are taken in Y11, worth 45%, and then in Y12 worth 55%. There is no controlled assessment or coursework in Maths.
Additional Mathematics is also available to students who have been selected by their teachers at the end of Y10, again following the CCEA Add Maths specification. These pupils complete their GCSE Maths in Y11, and then do Additional Maths in Y12.

A Level

Maths is one of the most popular subjects at A level, with a strong uptake by pupils. We follow the CCEA GCE Maths specification. Classes are of 9 periods per week, and cover 3 modules in each year, with Y13 doing two Pure Maths and one Mechanics module, and Y14 doing two more Pure Maths and one Statistics module.
Further Maths is offered as an AS or A level, depending on demand. Pupils study further CCEA modules in Pure and Applied Maths. Further Maths must be done in conjunction with A level Maths, and is recommended as a fourth subject.

Extra Curricular

Pupils are encouraged to participate in the UK Maths Challenges and in the LASCO Maths competition. Extra tuition is available to all pupils through the Extra Maths Clubs held after school. There are also many revision classes organised in the run up to important modules. The Maths department also contributes to many cross curricular STEM based projects.

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AS and A2 Results

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GCSE Results

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