Support Staff

 » Finance Manager/LT   Mrs Angela Doran
 » Personnel & Administration Manager/LT   Mrs Anne McKeever
 » Personal Assistant to the Principal/Personnel Support Officer    Mrs Fiona McLaughlin
 » Personnel Support Officer   Mrs Michelle McDaid
 » Finance Support Officer   Mrs Charlene McGee
 » Examinations Officer & Admin Support   Mrs Louise Harkin
 » Admin Support   Mrs Karen Mc Donald
 » Receptionist   Mrs Elaine Doherty
 » Study Supervisor   Mrs Megan Donnelly
 » Classroom Assistant   Mrs Brenda Devlin
 » Classroom Assistant   Ms Sandra Griffin
 » Classroom Assistant   Mr Michael Hulme
 » Classroom Assistant   Mrs Annette McCarron
 » Classroom Assistant   Ms Deirdre McGlinchey
 » Classroom Assistant   Mrs Jean Morrison
 » Classroom Assistant   Mrs Elizabeth Brown-Sallis
 » Home Economics Technician   Mrs Breige McFadden
 » Network Administrator   Mrs Karen Robertson
 » I.C.T Technician   Mr Martin Doherty
 » Laboratory Technician   Miss Emma Deery
 » Laboratory Technician   Mr Cathal Gallagher
 » Facilities & Maintenance Manager   Mr Philip Doherty
 » Maintenance Technician/Technology & Design Technician   Mr Joe Bradley
 » Cleaning Manager   Mrs Jacqueline Martin
 » Hygiene Technician   Mr Nick Jones
 » Catering Unit Manager   Mr Chris Rogers

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