KS5 Year 13 and 14


Dr M Gormley (Head of Key Stage 5)

Form Tutor for 13A - Mr D Hegarty
Form Tutor for 13B - Mrs M T Meenan
Form Tutor for 13C - Mr M McCullagh
Form Tutor for 13D - Mrs S McMenamin
Form Tutor for 13E - Mr C Ryan

Form Tutor for 14A - Mrs B Gormley
Form Tutor for 14B - Mrs F Clarke
Form Tutor for 14C - Mr M Smyth
Form Tutor for 14D - Mrs A Mooney
Form Tutor for 14E - Mr A Quinn


Key Stage

It is hoped that the sixth form experience in Lumen Christi College will be both stimulating and rewarding. We will endeavour to encourage our sixth form students to give of their best in terms of academic work and commitment to the life of Lumen Christi College. All staff will support these students through these critical A-Level years by delivering knowledge, relevant advice or simply by listening to concerns as they arise and acting upon them. We realise that a positive time spent in sixth year will empower our students to become fully aware and socially responsible young citizens in their future worlds. Their development as optimistic and talented young adults will be a measure of the success of Lumen Christi's sixth form provision.

Pastoral Programme

The aims of the Sixth Form Pastoral Programme are rooted in the Visions and Aims of Lumen Christi College. Our sixth formers will be actively encouraged to develop intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and vocationally. The personal well-being of each student is essential for the holistic growth of the young adult during the sixth year experience. We intend to build upon the process of personal development that has taken place in Key Stages 3 and 4.

Extra Curricular

Opportunities for student involvement in Community Outreach and Enrichment programmes will be provided in Sixth Form. These may take the form of voluntary work or skills development programmes and have in the past included activities such as:
  • Visitation of Nazareth House Residential Home (SVP)
  • After-school clubs in Longtower PS and Nazareth House PS
  • Visitation to Altnagelvin Hospital
  • Peer Mentoring 
  • Volunteering with Children in Crossfire
  • Life Saving Skills
  • GAA Training Course with local primary schools
  • Volunteering

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Mid Term Break

» 15th February 2021 ~ 19th February 2021