KS3 Year 10


Mrs S Deery (Head of Key Stage 3)

Form Tutor for 10A -  Mr M Bradley
Form Tutor for 10B -  Mrs D Carlisle
Form Tutor for 10C -  Mrs L Workman
Form Tutor for 10D -  Mr L Arkinson
Form Tutor for 10E -  Ms A Hamilton


Year 10

The well-being and personal development of each individual is at the core of the Pastoral Programme. In Year 10, the aims of the Pastoral Programme are:

  • To support the school in its creation of a caring and disciplined environment providing pastoral care for all students in an atmosphere of mutual respect. 
  • To foster self-esteem by instilling in students a sense of achievement for non-academic and academic accomplishments both within and outside school. 
  • To help students develop initiative, independence and critical thinking in matters of faith and morals and so live out their faith through participation in their school, parish and home communities. 
  • To develop links with parents. 
  • To provide students with the tools to become responsible members of society. 
  • To provide an environment in which students may experience and develop the Catholic faith. 
  • To encourage understanding of and respect for faiths, traditions and cultures.

Pastoral Programme

The Pastoral Programme at Key Stage 3 aims to develop the whole student academically, personally and spiritually. It seeks to build relationships between home, school and parishes and permeates every aspect of school life. The well-being and personal development of each individual is at the core of the Year 10 Pastoral Programme. Form tutors deliver the Programme during one allocated Pastoral lesson each week during which students complete their individual Pastoral Booklets. Students also have the opportunity to lead Assembly throughout the year and participate in many charity events. External agencies such as the Bogside and Brandywell Health Forum, Divert and PSNI also facilitate workshops throughout the year on themes such as Bullying, Internet Safety, Alcohol/Drugs Awareness and students also participate in Heart Start First Aid Training. Some of the themes studied in the Year 10 Pastoral Programme include Self-Awareness, Personal Safety, Learning about learning, Target Setting, Personal Health (Heart Start Programme), Relationships Education and Drugs Awareness.

Curricular Provision/Subjects Available

The Key Stage 3 Curriculum has been organised to provide a balanced and broad experience for each pupil. All students in Year 10 study the following subjects: Art & Design, Citizenship / Employability, English, French / Spanish / Irish* (*students study two Modern Languages), Geography, History, Home Economics, Information Communications Technology, Mathematics, Music, Pastoral Education, Physical Education, Religious Education, Science and Technology.
Following the Year 10 Parents Information Evening in Term 2, the Year 10 students complete their GCSE subject choice form to indicate which subjects the student intends to study at GCSE level.

The college's Careers programme helps to guide students and parents through the decision-making process. A GCSE Subject Choices Booklet is also provided for parents of Year 10 students.

The Merit System

The purpose of the Merit system is to recognise the good work of our Key Stage 3 pupils and reward them for their efforts. The Merit System awards both individual and whole class achievement. A pupil can achieve up to 5 merits per week (one per day). Students will be awarded Bronze, Silver and Gold Certificates when they achieve specific targets. Bronze Certificates are presented by Form Tutors, Silver certificates are presented at Assembly while Gold certificates are awarded at Junior Prize-giving. A number of pupils with the highest number of merits will be awarded a prize at the end of the college year. The Merit System recognizes and fosters group achievement by awarding prizes annually to the class group with the highest cumulative total of merits in each year group.


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