Technology and Design


Mr S Molloy (Head Of Department)
Mr L Arkinson
Mr J Bradley (Technology & Design Technician)


Key Stage 3

KS3 Technology and Design pupils combine practical and technological skills with creative thinking to design and make products and systems that meet human needs. Some examples include a Christmas LED Display, Litter Picker and Night Light. Pupils learn to use current technologies to consider the impact of future technological developments. They learn to think creatively, solving problems as individuals and members of a team.
James Dyson the creator the Dyson vacuum cleaner states "Teachers of all disciplines recently voted Technology and Design as the most useful subject you can study" 
The statutory requirements for KS3 Technology can be found by clicking on the link below


Through studying this Specification, students will complete 45 hours Controlled Assessment worth 60% and 2 terminal examinations worth 20% per cent each. Students will have opportunities to:

  • develop practical solutions to consumer needs, wants and opportunities;
  • design and make quality products and/or systems;
  • understand that designing and making reflect and influence cultures and societies;
  • understand that products have an impact on lifestyle;
  • develop their creativity and critical analysis skills;
  • make links between existing solutions, technological knowledge and the principles of good design;
  • explore how aesthetic, technical, economic, environmental, ethical and social dimensions interact to shape designing and making;
  • develop decision-making skills;
  • consider sustainability; and
  • gain insight into related sectors such as manufacturing and engineering.

A Level

A level T&D is a Edexcel Product Design Course that looks at:

  • Resistant Materials - you will study types of materials in more depth, their properties and their uses, also including advanced materials
  • Processes - injection moulding, casting, sintering and other modern processes involved in product manufacture and the use of ICT in designing and manufacturing
  • Designing - you will be encouraged to be creative/inventive and to develop your skills and talents in graphic/product design
  • Manufacturing - you will make a set product at AS and you will be guided at A2 in deciding what to design and make as a final project.


Extra Curricular

The Technology Department run an Extracurricular Club on Monday during terms 1 and 2. During Term 1, KS3 pupils are given the opportunity to enter The First Lego League Competition which allows 10 students to compete against several other schools from Northern Ireland. The competition involves computer programming and presentations. GCSE and A Level students are also given the opportunity to enhance their coursework with dedicated assistance from both teachers.

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