Mr D Begley (Head Of Department)
Mr J Byrne
Miss A Hamilton


Key Stage 3

Spanish at KS3 provides opportunities for young people to develop effective communication skills through listening, speaking, reading and writing. We also seek to provide some understanding of the richness of the language and culture as a means of communication and creative expression. Each student has a class-work book, vocabulary book, and formal essay/test book. All tests and formal essays are signed by parents who are thus continually up-dated on progress.

Year 8 Topics:

  • Personal Introductions
  • Dates and Birthday
  • My Family
  • Area and Town
  • In A Spanish Café
  • Derry for Tourists
  • My House
  • My Bedroom
  • The Time

Year 9 Topics:

  • Household Chores
  • Moods
  • Birthday
  • Shopping
  • School
  • Health
  • The Perfect Tense
  • Weather
  • Clothes
  • The Present Tense

Year 10 Topics:

  • Free Time
  • Sport
  • Christmas
  • Eating
  • Daily Routines
  • Transport and Travel
  • Summer
  • Animals
  • Films

Assessment is continuous, and students have an examination in January and June. By the end of Key Stage 3, students will have developed a solid grounding in the language requirements for GCSE Spanish.


The GCSE course seeks to build on the foundations laid in the language at Key Stage 3, and to develop pupils as individuals and contributors to the economy, society and environment. They are introduced to new material as well as covering in greater depth many of the areas already studied. 
The course has 60% Controlled Assessment (Oral and Written) done in years 11 and 12, and 40% examination (Listening and Reading) at the end of year 12. Students follow the CCEA Specification.

A Level

Spanish is offered through the AQA Examination Board.
The AS/A2 course in Spanish builds on the knowledge, skills and understanding acquired at GCSE, and is aimed at developing these to a high degree of linguistic competence. The course seeks to draw on students' own interests by examining issues of relevance to young people in the Modern World, offering a particular insight into contemporary Hispanic and Spanish society and culture.

Extra Curricular

Tutorial and remedial classes are available for Spanish, as are oral preparation classes for examination students at GCSE and A-Level. In December, we hold our annual quiz in aid of Lasco. We organise a Cultural Trip to Barcelona and the Catalonia region every second year for pupils in year 10. KS3 pupils are also treated to a Spanish play every year, performed by Onatti Theatre group.

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