Mrs B Gormley (Head of Department) 
Mr S Doherty
Mrs E McCaffrey 
Mrs MT Meenan


Key Stage 3

The ‘Fully Alive' programme feeds into a comprehensive faith-based programme delivered at Key Stage 3. The programme centres on faith in God, the Bible, sacraments, moral teachings and prayer and meets the requirements of the NI Curriculum. Through the programme the students are given the opportunity to:

  • develop their understanding of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit
  • appreciate the scriptures
  • celebrate the sacraments
  • understand the Church and its teachings
  • experience different forms of prayer
  • be supported in their faith and spiritual development


All students will study the AQA Specification:
Unit 4 Roman Catholicism: Ethics
Unit 5 St Mark's Gospel
This specification encourages students to develop their interest in, and enthusiasm for,

  • a study of religion and its relation to the wider world
  • develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of religion by exploring the significance, impact of beliefs, teachings, sources, practices, ways of life and forms of expressing meaning;
  • express their personal responses and informed insights on fundamental questions about identity, belonging, meaning, purpose, truth, values and commitments.

Students sit two written papers, each worth 50% of the course, at the end of Year 12.

A Level

All A Level RE students will study the RE CCEA Specification.
The units we study are:

  • Luke's Gospel
  • Acts of the Apostles
  • Celtic Church

Students sit two written papers at the end of AS and A2.
A Level RE gives students the opportunity to learn about, discuss, evaluate and learn from religious beliefs, practices and values. It allows opportunities for candidates to engage with challenging questions about the meaning and purpose of life, people's place in society and the world around them. Candidates also have to make connections with other aspects of human experience, shedding light upon the viewpoint and practices of others.

Extra Curricular

The RE programme is part of the overall programme of faith development within the school - Morning Prayer, Retreats, First Friday Mass, Advent Mass, Lenten Mass and special services.

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