Physical Education


Miss P Fleming (Head of Department)
Mrs S Deery (Head of KS3)
Mr M McCullagh


Key Stage 3

The Physical Education programme at KS3 enables pupil's to learn through movement so that they develop, extend and refine their skills in a range of movement contexts. Young people are developed through: positive attitudes to and enjoyment of physical activity; an awareness of the positive impact of physical activity upon health and wellbeing; positive relationships, sportsmanship, fair play and respect for differing capabilities. 

The overview of activities for year 8 are as follows; HRPE, Cross-Country, Dance, Badminton, Netball, Soccer, Athletics, Gymnastics and Rounder's. At year 9 they include HRPE, Basketball, Gymnastics, Swimming, Gaelic Football, Athletics and Rounder's. The overview at Year 10 is HRPE, Netball, Gaelic, Dance, Soccer, Badminton, Rugby, Aerobics and Rounder's.

Key Stage 4

The Physical Education programme at KS3 enables pupils to participate in a regular, frequent and balanced programme of physical activity that develops their interests and talents. Throughout the programme pupils get the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of skill and recognise how physical activity leads to a healthy active lifestyle. 

The overview of activities for year 11 are as follows; Circuit training, Orienteering, Volleyball, Gaelic Football, HRPE, Cross-Country, Dance, Athletics and Rounder's. At year 12 the overview is as follows; Basketball, Step Aerobics, Gaelic Football, Olympic Handball, Rugby, Circuit Training, Yoga, Orienteering and Soccer.


GCSE PE AQA Specification 
Full Course Unit 3: Knowledge and Understanding for the Active Participant (80 marks) - External Assessment - 40% of Full Course - Written Paper 1 ½ Hrs. Section A - Multiple choice and short answer questions. Section B - Extended written answers, based on a scenario issued as pre-release material prior to the examination.
Full Course Unit 4: The Active Participant (90 marks) - Controlled Assessment - 60% of Full Course. Four assessments: from at least 2 groups/ways of thinking - at least 2 performances must be as player/performer

A Level

A Level PE Specification 
AS Level

  • Unit 1 (60% of AS mark): 2 hour written exam - Section A (72 marks). This section requires the candidates to study Applied exercise physiology, Skill Acquisition and Opportunities for participation.
  • Unit 2 (40% of AS mark) - Candidates are assessed on their ability to perform, analyse and evaluate the execution of core skills/techniques in isolation and in structured practices.

A2 level

  • Unit 3 (30% of A2 mark): 2 hour written exam - (84 marks) This sections requires the candidates to study how physiological factors, applied psychology and contemporary influences affect performance.
  • Unit 4 (20% of A2 mark) (120 marks) This sections requires the candidates to Perform, analyse, evaluate and correct own performance in a competitive situation as either: player/performer or in an adopted role.

Extra Curricular


  • GAELIC FOOTBALL (Year 13-14) Boys Nolan Cup (Grass Pitch) Mr McCullagh
  • NETBALL (Years 9-10) (Sports Hall) Miss Fleming


  • NETBALL (Years 11-14) (Sports Hall) Mrs Deery
  • GAELIC FOOTBALL (Year 11-14) Boys (Grass Pitch) Miss Fleming/ Mr McCullagh


  • GAELIC FOOTBALL Year 9/10 Boys (Grass Pitch) Miss Fleming
  • GAELIC FOOTBALL Year 8 Boys (Grass Pitch) Mr McCullagh/ Mr Simpson

The activities above are offered by members of the PE department. There is also a wide range of other activities offered by outside coaches and other teachers throughout the week. Timetables of all activities can be seen on the corridors of the school and posted in each pupil's form class.

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