Irish Language


Ms A McKeever (Co-Ordinator of Irish)
Mrs B O'Hare (Vice Principal)


Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 Irish is taught in a learning environment which fosters both confidence and respect and encourages the highest academic achievement possible for each individual student. Pupils are encouraged to recognize the acquisition of Irish as an advantage in the world of work. All pupils have the opportunity to engage with native speakers through: residential visits; trips; day excursions and talks from guest speakers. We aim to foster a love for Irish and an ongoing desire to enhance communication skills and linguistic competence.

Students are provided with opportunities to engage in listening, speaking, reading and writing activities throughout Key Stage 3. The topics covered in each year group are outlined below.

Year 8:

  • Greetings
  • School Life
  • Myself
  • The Clock
  • Numbers
  • The Weather
  • Days, Months, Seasons and Festivals
  • Daily Routine
  • Food and Meals- Shopping

Year 9:

  • Holidays- The Gaeltacht
  • The Weather
  • Getting Around
  • School Life
  • Shopping
  • Public Services
  • Daily Routine- Weekend (Past Tense)
  • Myself and Others
  • Hobbies
  • Home and Town

Year 10:

  • Travel and Holidays
  • The Gaeltacht
  • Self and Others
  • Jobs
  • Shopping- Clothes Shop
  • Daily Routine- Weekend (Past/Present Tenses)
  • School Life


Students who choose GCSE Irish follow the CCEA Specification. There are two examinations for GCSE Irish: a listening paper and a reading paper. They are each worth 20 percent of the final award. Controlled Assessment is used to assess students' speaking and writing abilities. Students complete two Controlled Assessment speaking tasks and two writing tasks worth 15 percent each. The GCSE course provides a sound base for further study of Irish at a more advanced level. It also helps students make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career choices.

A Level

The A Level course in Irish builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills cultivated at GCSE. Students follow the A Level Irish CCEA Specification. It aims to enable students to develop their interest in and understanding of the language; communicate with speakers of Irish; and acquire knowledge and skills that will help them progress to further study and/or employment. At A2 the students are introduced to literature and are equipped with the necessary skills to express appreciation, develop arguments and present viewpoints.

Extra Curricular

A range of extra-curricular activities are available to students. These enhance the pupils' enjoyment and acquisition of the Irish language. An Cumann Gaelach provides junior students with the opportunity to take part in activities such as poetry, song and dance. Senior and Bunscoil students are encouraged to participate in Óráid Phoiblí. Various other events are also organised for example Céilí na Scoile, Aifreann na Féile Pádraig, An Ghaeltacht, Feis Dhoire Cholmcille and Tráth na gCeist.

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