Mrs S Matthewson (Head Of Department)
Mr E Barr (Head of Year 11)

Mrs K Robertson (Network Administrator)


Key Stage 3

The ICT curriculum at KS3 is innovative and encourages pupils to be creative in their use and application of the different tools.  Pupils study ICT as a discrete subject in Years 8 and 10.  They undergo an induction programme at the start of Year 8 and have opportunities across all learning areas to develop their skills.  We seek to develop sound operational skills and our objectives are to ensure that pupils learn to:

  • make the most of the technologies available to them
  • adapt to new ways of doing things as technologies evolve 
  • limit the risks to themselves and others in a digital environment

Units include Internet Safety, Gaming and Multimedia.  Assessment is continuous and through the development of an e-portfolio in each year.  Students also take online internal examinations in January and June of Year 8 and 10.  At the end of Year 10 an e-portfolio of the pupil's work will be assessed and each pupil will be assigned a Level of Progression in ICT, inline with statutory requirements.


Students who select GCSE ICT will follow the CCEA Specification.  This course has 60% Controlled Assessment (45 hours) and a 40% terminal examination.  Much of Year 11 will be spent completing Unit 1 (33%) of the course which is submitted to CCEA in May of Year 11 for accreditation.  

A Level

A Level ICT gives pupil's the opportunity to study aspects of software development in detail.  Pupils follow the A Level ICT CCEA Specification.  Those in Year 13 undertake two projects.  One is related to data processing and develops programming skills; the second is a multimedia project enabling students to display their creative side. In Year 14 pupils develop a software solution for a complex problem this enables them to further develop software and problem solving skills.  

Extra Curricular

Pupils can avail of open access to ICT resources from 8.15 - 9am every morning.  Laptops are also available every afternoon at the homework club from 3.30-5pm.  Throughout the year there are after school facilities in the ICT department where all pupils can avail of specialist assistance and senior pupils can continue coursework development.

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