Mrs S McMenamin (Head Of Department)
Mrs L Workman
Miss P Fleming
Mrs M T Meenan
Mrs S Deery (Head of KS3)


Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, we have a stimulating and topical, challenging and engaging programme of study. Pupils are given opportunities to develop their Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities in a variety of ways in addition to the cross-curricular skills (Communication, Using ICT and Using Mathematics). They also have the chance to develop their practical skills when they plan and carry out an investigation of the Curly Burn river in Year 9.

Year 8

  • What is Geography?
  • Map Skills & GIS
  • N. Ireland Rocks
  • Lignite Issue
  • Rain, rain go to Spain
  • Ecosystems and People
  • How much do we know about our food?

Year 9

  • What a disaster?
  • The Geography of Europe- Physical & Political maps
  • Cities
  • Stansted Airport Decision-making exercise
  • Our Crowded World
  • Rivers
  • Fieldwork Investigation.

Year 10

  • If the world was an orange & I want you on my team
  • Our Changing World
  • Threatened, fragile ecosystems
  • Geography Matters
  • Panama Canal
  • Is everyone playing fair?
  • Cotton on to this
  • Plastic Oceans

By the end of Key Stage 3, it is hoped that pupils will not only have a good grounding in the skills needed to make sense of the world around them, but also be confident in applying their geographical skills to research, understand and communicate those ideas that they have studied


Students who select GCSE Geography will follow the CCEA Specification. This course includes Controlled Assessment worth 25% of the final GCSE result. This takes the form of a fieldwork investigation which is completed in the first term of Year 12 in conjunction with Magilligan Field Centre. The course also includes two modular exams each worth 37.5%. Students sit one module at the end of Year 11 and the remaining module in Year 12.

Pupils follow the GCSE Geography CCEA Specification.

A' Level

A' Level Geography students learn about geographical concepts and processes, interactions between people and their environment, the challenges of sustainability and the importance of attitudes and values. They acquire and develop skills of problem solving, decision-making, communication and managing information as well as interpersonal skills, ICT and practical skills gained through fieldwork investigation.

Two days are spent in Year 13 completing a study of plant succession along the Umbra Nature Reserve at Benone and a further day is spent conducting a land use survey of Coleraine. In Year 14, pupils survey the attitudes of local people in Derry to Global Warming.

Pupils follow the A ‘Level Geography CCEA Specification.

Extra Curricular

Lumen Christi College is an ‘Eco-School'. The Eco-Committee consisting of a group of students representing Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 have introduced initiatives for waste, energy and biodiversity which resulted in the school being awarded the ‘Green Flag'. The focus for the Eco-committee in 2012/13 is energy, waste and healthy living.

The department also provides after school GCSE revision classes.

"Geography is the subject that holds the key to all our futures." Michael Palin

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