Ms C Coyle (Head of Department)
Ms M McMenamin
Mme H Wing



Key Stage 3 

The approach to language teaching is now very communicative with equal emphasis on the 4 skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing.
The aim is to teach all pupils to use confidently the simple French needed to cope with everyday situations that one might encounter on holiday or when working abroad.
The Contexts for Learning and Associated Topics provide pupils with opportunities to engage in linguistic activities through a broad range of experiences. 
Assessment in French at KS3 level is an integral and essential part of the teaching and learning process and is incorporated into the departmental schemes of work. Pupils are assessed regularly in the 4 skills via Core Assessments in listening, speaking, reading and writing 
It stresses positive achievement in order to encourage pupils and promote their self esteem. It also clearly identifies pupils' weaknesses and diagnoses problems with a view to providing remedial attention appropriate to the problems identified. 
The French Department follow the NI Curriculum Specification at KS3.


The GCSE course seeks to build on the foundations laid at Key Stage 3 and to develop pupils as individuals and contributors to the economy, society and environment. 
The course aims to increase pupils' oral and written proficiency in the language by developing the skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Speaking and Writing are each worth 30% of the final examination and are assessed by controlled assessment. Students prepare and complete 2 tasks for each assessment objective at a time designated by the teacher during the two year course. Listening and Reading are each worth 20% and are externally assessed by terminal exam papers in May/June of Year 12. 
The French Department follow the AQA Specification at GCSE.

A Level

A level French enables students to develop and build on the skills acquired at GCSE. The Core Contexts In Year 13 include Family Relationships, Media, Popular Culture and Healthy Lifestyle. In Year 14 students study The Environment, The Multicultural Society and Contemporary Issues. In addition pupils study French Literature and carry out personal research on a French director. Senior pupils attend language classes with a native French speaker twice a week to develop their oral proficiency. Independent learning is encouraged via personal research, peer teaching and exam practice exercises.
The French Department follow the AQA Specification at A'level.

Extra Curricular

KS3 pupils can develop their appreciation of the French language and culture by attending Le Cercle Français. Activities include films, cookery and drama, all of which are delivered in the TL. The Onatti Theatre group attend the school yearly to perform a play to KS3 pupils and Senior pupils participate in the Juvenes Translatores Translation Competition which provides them with the opportunity, not only to enhance their translation skills but also, if successful, travel to the EU.

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