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Key Stage 3

The English Department believes in the holistic and heuristic development of each pupil. Our aim at Key Stage 3 is to instil confidence regarding written and oral communication and expression. At KS3, the English curriculum offers a rich variety of content, encompassing:

  • prose
  • poetry
  • drama
  • media education

Pupils will work towards the requirements of the CCEA English with Media Education Area of Learning. At the end of Year 10 a portfolio of the pupil's work will be assessed and each pupil will be assigned a Level of Progression in Communication, in accordance with the statutory requirements


At Key Stage 4, we will endeavour to promote an appreciation and love of literature and the department specifically encourages pupils to pursue an exploration of the wider contexts of language and literature. Pupils will study the CCEA GCSE English Language course. Pupils will attain 60% of their qualification through Controlled Assessment and 40% through the terminal examination. Pupils will also study the AQA GCSE English Literature course and will attain 25% of their qualification through Controlled Assessment and 25% through the terminal examination.

A Level

At Key Stage 5, pupils will study for the CCEA English Literature A Level. The course will allow pupils to engage with a range of texts and to respond to their reading in both a creative and analytical way. Pupils will engage in:

  • The Study of Drama (Shakespeare and a Twentieth Century Dramatist)
  • The Study of Poetry Written after 1800
  • The Study of Prose (1800-1945)
  • The Study of Poetry and Drama (1300-1800)
  • The Study of Prose (theme based)

Extra Curricular

The English Department takes pride in the extensive range of extracurricular activities on offer. These activities enrich the work in the class room and promote the pupil's interest in the subject. The activities on offer are:

  • Drama Club (Years 8 - 10)
  • Debating/Public Speaking
  • English Learning Support Groups
  • Performances by external theatre groups
  • Internal Poetry / Prose/ Drama competitions
  • Derry Feis participation - Verse Speaking, Creative Writing, Public Speaking and Prose Reading
  • External competitions
  • Puppet Theatre
  • Visits to the theatre
  • Library Book Fair
  • Literacy links with Primary Schools
  • Talks by poets and writers
  • Scrabble Club

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