Ms L Peace (Co-ordinator of Drama)


Drama at Key Stage 3:

Drama is a life skill and a creative art form. It helps pupils develop their ability to use voice, movement, gesture and facial expression in acting, mime, dance drama and improvisation. They can express and manage their thoughts and feelings - shared and experienced - while working in a safe and controlled environment. The development of these skills encourages self confidence and self awareness. It promotes the development of the individual in a group context: roles and ideas are negotiated, problems solved and decisions made together. The study of drama enables students to use their imagination; it encourages creativity and allows young people to work effectively individually and with others. 

The Northern Ireland Curriculum aims to empower pupils to achieve their potential and to make informed and responsible choices and decisions throughout their lives. It is about helping all pupils prepare for life and work: as individuals; as contributors to society; as contributors to the economy and environment. Drama has a significant role to play in this. 

The fundamental aim of the Drama curriculum at Key Stage 3 is to develop pupils who are able to use voice, movement, gesture and facial expression in a positive and confident manner. Using a range of drama strategies and methods such as improvisation, acting, mime and dance drama, pupils will develop personal and social skills and grow in insight and understanding.

Drama contributes in a unique way to the process of learning. Its uniqueness lies in its immediacy as it happens in the here and now. It allows pupils a high degree of control over their own learning as they manage information, make decisions and solve problems. It draws upon their own experience of the world and then extends it.

Drama at Key Stage 4:

GCSE Drama is being introduced in the college in September 2014. This course will follow the CCEA Specification.

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