Art and Design


Mr J Kerr - (Head of Department)
Ms L Mc Nabb / Ms G Brady

Art Department

Key Stage 3

Pupils undertake a wide range of Art and Design activities at Key Stage 3. They use a variety of materials, media and processes to produce an assortment of Art and Design outcomes. These include paining, drawing, ceramics, ICT and print-making. The work of other artists forms the basis of almost all project work with pupils usually completing two to three projects in a school year. Traditional Art and Design skills are taught, developed and refined, as is the ability to think creatively and problem solve in innovative and unusual ways. The Art department is housed in two well equipped, large, bright classrooms. Pupils undertake Art classes for one hour per week at Key Stage three.


The GCSE Art and Design course is undertaken over two years. The course is offered by the CCEA examination board. The coursework portfolio is completed over the first year and up to Christmas of the second year with the exam being completed from then until May of the second year. Students are encouraged to select their own themes and topics and are then guided and encouraged by their Art teacher. Class sizes of usually between twelve to fourteen students allow substantial one to one support and direction. Students work in the department over two and a half hours per week.

A Level

The AS and A2 courses are those offered by the CCEA examination board. Students complete each course over one year. As in GCSE Art, students select their own themes for both coursework and for exam. Small class numbers allow for substantial one to one support and direction. Four and a half hours teaching time per week is allocated at A level.

Extra Curricular

The Art department offers a range of extra curricular activities. After school art clubs are offered and the art rooms are open almost every evening after school. The department also runs a very successful GCSE Photography course as an after school club. The Art and Design Department regularly run exciting trips and outings. Our most recent trip was a fantastic visit to New York City. The highlight of our year is the annual end of year Art exhibition that takes place every June.

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