Lumen Christi College Student Council is a democratically elected council in which students are enabled to take an active role in participating in furthering the experience of our students at school. The Council provides a structure that allows the views and concerns of students from Year 8 to Year 14 to be expressed to the Senior Management Team of Lumen Christi College.  We work towards helping to create a positive and caring school environment.

We operate two levels of student council.  Two representatives are elected from each form class – one boy and one girl.  They meet with the Head of Key Stage to put forward the suggestions and points of view of their form class.  A second level of representation is then provided by the Executive Student Council, consisting of one pupil from each year group, from Year 8 to Year 14, who meet with the school Principal once a term.  They discuss matters arising from the Heads of Key Stage meetings.

Every form class in the school held elections at the end of September to choose class representatives.  The following pupils were elected:


 Year 8

Student Council Year 8 2016 2017

8A Shea McLaughlin and Eilidh O’Connor

8B Ethan Harkin and Sasha McShare

8C Conchur McTaggart and Leah Curry

8D Fintan McKinney and Sally Mae Comey

8E Ben McLaughlin and Brianna McLaughlin


Year 9

Student Council Year 9 2016 2017

 9A Odhran Black and Izzy Bland

9B Cory Scroggie and Sarah-Jane Carten

9C David Cairns and Magali Wing

9D Oscar Jennings and Katie Blair

9E Oisin McAlinden and Ellen McDaid


Year 10

Student Council Year 10 2016 2017

10A Aditya Shah and Yuqi Cao

10B Conor Strawbridge and Alex Caldwell

10C Laura McShane and Caoimhe McCarron

10D Patrick Gormley and Aeisha Coyle

10E Chinmaya Panchapagesan and Catherine McGinley


 Year 11

Student Council Year 11 2016 2017

11A Ben Ryan and Sara Reid

11B Hugo Deane and Emma-Louise Hogan

11C Matthew McLaughlin and Aisling Donaghey

11D Nathan Lee and Izieduwa Akhionbare

11E Conor McIvor and Aoife McKinney

11F Ross O’Donnell and Kate Higgins


Year 12

Student Council Year 12 2016 2017

12A Oisin Feeney and Cait Grant

12B Joe McKinney and Lauren McGrath

12C Tommy Carlin and Bronagh Hinds

12D Caleb Griffin and Aine Donaghy

12E Conor Whoriskey and Antonia Smith

12F Ronan Dale and Estelle Wing


Year 13

Student Council Year 13 2016 2017

13A Aidan Donaghey and Naomh Morrison

13B Thomas Lunney, Patrick Cosgrove and Aine Higgins

13C Matthew Barr and Ava Wilson

13D Niall Herron and Nuala Imrie

13E Tiarnan White and Ceri-Laoi Hawes


Year 14

Student Council Year 14 2016 2017


14A Eoin Matthewson and Clare McAlister

14B Leo Deehan and Caoimhin Toland

14C Matthew Devine and Niamh Kennedy

14D Jack Ward and Rachel Newman

14E James McDaid and Niamh McClean




November 2017

Year 13 Geography Field Trip

» 7th November 2017 ~ 8th November 2017

Year 8 Road Safety Talk

» 8th November 2017

Year 14 Oxbridge Interviews

» 9th November 2017

Walk to School and Year 8 Race

» 10th November 2017

Year 9 Explore Enterprise

» 13th November 2017

Year 11 Cyberbullying

» 13th November 2017 ~ 14th November 2017

Staff In-Service Afternoon

» 14th November 2017 at 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Year 14 Careers Trinity Talk

» 16th November 2017

#wearblue day

» 17th November 2017

Entrance Assessment

» 18th November 2017

Year 9 Amazing Brains

» 20th November 2017

Year 9 Retreat

» 21st November 2017

Year 14 MMIs Careers

» 22nd November 2017 ~ 23rd November 2017

Year 12 English Language Mock

» 24th November 2017

Mandarin Competition Belfast

» 28th November 2017


» 30th November 2017

Year 14 MMIs

» 30th November 2017