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Lumen Christi Investigates… Paper Books vs. Tablet Computers

This term, a group of intrepid Year 10 reporters set out to answer a question: does tablet technology have a negative impact on the reading of paper books? After investigating, surveying and interviewing members of the school community, they wrote, filmed and edited their findings into a broadcast for World News Day. Click the image below to watch the broadcast.

September 2018

Classes for all Students

» 3rd September 2018

Year 13 Robotics Work Shop

» 5th September 2018

Senior Prize Giving

» 6th September 2018

Year 14 QUB Open Day

» 7th September 2018

Year 12 Geography Field Trip

» 11th September 2018 ~ 12th September 2018

Year 8 Danske Bank Talk

» 18th September 2018

LLW Year 12 Trip to Stormont

» 21st September 2018

Year 8/11 Photographs

» 27th September 2018

Year 13 Induction Evening

» 27th September 2018 at 7pm