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Principal’s Welcome

                                   Welcome to Lumen Christi College, a college whose name,
                                   meaning Light of Christ, is founded on the principle that
                                   His Light will inspire all who are part of our school community
                                   and is rooted in the belief that the highest standards of
                                   academic excellence for all our pupils derive from a caring
                                   environment imbued with the Christian Gospel in action.

                                   We are a Catholic, co-educational grammar school welcoming girls
                                   and boys of all faiths in the firm hope that all of our students will
                                   exercise their talents and abilities in the service of others and we
                                   look to Christ as our inspiration in so doing. Our school motto is
                                   “In Tuo Lumine Videmus Lumen” – In YOUR light, we see light.

                                   As the smallest of the city’s grammar schools, the college offers
                                   a pupil-friendly, caring environment nurturing the development of
                                   excellent relationships among pupils, parents and staff by
                                   promoting a listening ethos within a distinctive and supportive
                                   pastoral care programme for our children.

                                   The college attracts students who are motivated, dedicated to
                                   the pursuit of academic study, caring of others and committed to
                                   achieving excellence in all spheres. Over the years, we have
                                   attained outstanding academic success based on the highest quality
                                   of teaching and professional care and our students’ public examina-
                                   tion results rank among the top colleges in the United Kingdom.

                                   Our prospectus offers you a glimpse of the opportunities in
                                   the college for the academic, social, spiritual and personal
                                   development of all our students. I hope you will enjoy browsing
                                   through it and, in so doing, get a flavour of the variety and
                                   vibrancy of our school community here in Lumen Christi.

                                   Siobhan McCauley
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